What is Carrieverse ?

Carrieverse with Cling Platform is a blockchain platform aiming to be the Life-logging Metaverse. The target user is not only the veteran crypto user but also the millennial, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha for content consumption, content generation, social interactions.  Being there for all generations, building a solid user community and support various influential creators.

Carrieverse , some history

With the kickstarter / airdrop on MECX this project appeared on my radar. The airdrop was done on the exchange begin of april 2023.  The activities before was selling NFT's . That is just what I have found.

Team and community

There is no information on the website about the team. But the project is trying to hire people in different roles, for the tech and the community. 


Coming soon

Where to trade Carrieverse

Carrieverse can be bought or sold at MEXC. The USDT market is main market to trade this crypto token.


Social Media and Chat






Carrieverse Review

The fact Carrieverse is trying to hire employees on their website , at this stage is not really a point if strength. Lack of devs and community managers is a red flag for the current state of the project.

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